Now the Russian enigma just got more confusing and corrupt:<br><br>Senior military officers aided school-siege terrorists<br>27/01/2005 - 18:37:23 <br><br>Senior military officers were among those who helped the terrorist attack on the Beslan school that left more than 330 hostages dead.<br>Alexander Torshin, head of the commission investigating the attack in South Ossettia, said two accomplices of the 32 attackers who seized the school in September have been detained, and authorities are searching for three others.<br>Of that number, several have military or law enforcements ranks “higher than major,” Torshin said.<br>“Without accomplices, it would be impossible to accomplish a terrorist attack of this scale,” he said.<br>Another commission member, Vladimir Kulakov, said several accomplices worked “at the federal level”.<br>The school seizure ended in a hail of gunfire and explosions that killed more than 330 hostages – nearly half of them children.<br>Anger over the pace of the investigation has grown, particularly among residents of Beslan and the surrounding region. Many suspect authorities are hiding information about the attackers and about how they were so easily able to slip into town with such a huge quantity of weapons.<br>Earlier this month, Beslan residents blocked the town’s main road to call for the resignation of the regional president as well as an international investigation into the incident.<br>Russian media have said that official corruption could have helped the terrorists travel to the school. Prosecutors have filed charges against several local police officials.<br><br>Little history perhaps:<br><br><br>