US Ends Fruitless Iraq Weapons Hunt<br>ABC News - 1 hour ago<br>An US soldier attempts to maintain order as Iraqis wait behind a barbed wire at a petrol station to get fuel, in Baghdad, Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2005.<br>United States disbands Iraq WMD search team CTV<br>Top Democrat slams Bush after inspectors find no WMD in Iraq Turkish Press<br>CBS New York - Boston Globe - - The Times - all 407 related <br><br>Well, anyone w/Sat TV should watch LINK channel and see the show about the maimed/aka wounded troops....<br>one mother of a highly intellectual troop that was KIA said "what is to become of our country when the president makes fun of the WMD issue, makes a skit of it at a black tie 'dork arse bowtie' dinner..."<br><br>that's what I'm asking...<br><br>LAME. So very<br>very <br>very sad and lame.<br><br>God has nothing to do with humanity.<br>When man becomes god perhaps...<br><br>Oct 15, 04. Police fired projectiles upon Oregon protesters. [color:red]Why?</font color=red>