here is the corporate statement from schneider-electric, the company for which I work for... also, on Jan 18, 2005, all Schneider electric employees will be able to donate cash, and the company will put a dollar for each dollar diven by an employee.... cool!<br><br><br><br><br>2005/01/06<br>South East Asia: Schneider Electric is getting mobilized<br><br>Three million dollars will be spread amongst three complementary actions:<br>> an immediate donnation of 1 million US dollars for emergency relief action in the 4 most affected countries, and primarily in Indonesia and Sri Lanka.<br>> a further donnation of equipment and services valued at a further 1 million US dollars, to contribute to re-establishing drinking water supply systems and re-electrification of disaster-struck areas,<br>> on January 18, 2005, each of our locations around the world will organize a one-day mobilization drive to collect donations and help fund these projects under the auspices of the Schneider Electric Foundation. The Schneider Electric Fondation will match each employee donation up to a total of 1 million US dollars.<br><br>Schneider Electric significantly operates in these geographic zones ; more than 4 000 emplyees are currently working for the Group in India, in Thailand and in Indonesia. These persons have immediately gotten involved to help the most affected countries.<br><br>----<br>:)
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