BEIJING (Reuters) - An 82-year-old Chinese Nobel physicist has popped the question to a 28-year-old student whom he described as his last gift from God, the Beijing Morning Post said on Friday.<br><br>Dr. Chen Ning Yang, known in China as Yang Zhenning, would marry student Wong Fan in January, the paper said.<br><br>Yang won the physics Nobel Prize in 1957 jointly with Lee Tsung-dao for their investigation of the so-called parity laws, which led to important discoveries about elementary particles.<br><br>Yang, whose wife died last year, is a professor at Tsinghua University. He and his wife met Wong in 1995, the newspaper said.<br><br>"She has very good English and she is nice and not calculated," the paper quoted Yang as saying. "She is my last gift bestowed by God."<br><br>A graduate student at Tsinghua told Reuters Yang had bags of energy.<br><br>"His heart is very young," she said. "I and my friends all sent our best wishes on the Internet. Because he has made such a great contribution to science, we all respect him very much."<br><br><br>