I thought of a few other things Bush can take credit for as he enters his second term. <br><br>1. Restructuring the Republican Party - Thanks to the hard work of Tom DeLay and the complacency of the Bush Administration, the GOP is clearly run on two principles, bribery and intimidation. For proof of this, just look at the ethics problems plaguing the Texas Congressman with the events surrounding the state redistricting and the Medicare bill. These things would have never happened if not for the vacuum of ethical leadership in the Republican Party. <br><br>2. Asthma, Mercury, and Diabetes, oh my! - It's too bad people don't often think about air quality or public health in the same way they do homeland security because if you look closely at the numbers (provided by Bush's very own EPA) the unregulated emissions from eight coal-fired power plants in the United States causes about three World Trade Center's worth of premature deaths every year. Those deaths are disproportionately in poor minority neighborhoods where asthma occurs about three times as much as it does everywhere else. Obesity is an epidemic, but Bush's Department of Health and Human Services has refused to look into the correlation between obesity and diabetes rates and the overuse of high-fructose corn syrup in most foods as well as other popular preservatives. Bush can also take sole responsibility for the lax enforcement of mercury guidelines. Because of his friends at dirty power plants, we all have to be careful how much salmon we eat. Thanks! <br><br>3. Intelligence Dis-form - Fresh off an election, the White House has decided it's time to clean house in the CIA. Strangely enough, they happen to be doing this before any report has been released about Iraq intelligence. That's the very same report they delayed until after the election, democracy be damned. Now why would it make sense to purge the CIA before a vitally important report about national security comes out? Gee, I don't know. Bush can also take credit for attempting to derail intelligence reform. It's much more important to them that the White House escape any responsibility than for our country to actually know if our first line of defense against terrorism is actually working. <br><br>4. Can Your Kid Spare a Grand? - Anyone who voted for Bush and can spare it, should start some trust funds for the next generation of tax payers. Thanks to Bush's rubber spine (read as: reluctance to ever use a veto, or even a line veto), kids in our country are going to have to dig deep to pay for all of this administration's spending. While they are quick to point out that the deficit is low in terms of gross domestic product, I'd like to ask when is it ever right to steal money from a bunch of six-year-olds? <br><br>5. One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State - Sure, the Republicans have picked up a few seats in Texas because of some masterful strong-arm work (read as: subversion of the democratic process), but the blue states are loosing their Republican representatives. The GOP spending craze is making things a lot harder on Republican congressmen in the states designated blue for the purposes of dividing the nation. Worse yet, the divide between donor (blue) and taker (red) states is really coming home to heavily urbanized areas where transportation services are being cut because of a lack of aid. No matter what party the representative belongs to, the donor states are getting fed up with paying for taker state pork and their Washington D.C. delegations know it. <br><br>So relish in it, President Bush. According to your "morals," it's okay to kill a bunch of blue state, poor, urbanized youth to pay for your GOP giveaways to the drug and energy industries. Good job!<br><br>-- Charlie Alpha Roger Yankee Whiskey
-- Cee Bee Double-U