If you know nothing about the notorious animal testing lab called Huntingdon "Life" Sciences, or HLS, (animal testing lab that kills an average of 500 animals every day), please visit insideHLS.com. <br><br>…Workers were caught on film punching 4 month old beagle dogs in the face, and breaking animal welfare and good laboratory practice laws hundreds of times; 500 in one single experiment payed for by [i]Novartis that involved transplanting genetically modified frozen pig hearts into the necks of baboons. In the same experiment, lab technicians were so careless as to leave cutips inside of animals they sewed up. A good portion of the primates sent to HLS are captured out of the wild, and many of them are dead upon arrival. in 2003, HLS was caught hooking rats and beagles up to HFC's (hydroflourocarbons) and forcing them to inhale the ozone-destroying chemical that is internationally being phased out.<br><br>…According to their own brochures, HLS's work is based on agrichemicals, genetically modified organisms, consumer health products, diet pills, and other useless drugs, such as "celexa" which was paid for by forest laboratories, and is subscribed to people to "cure" their "compulsive shopping disorder." HLS kills humans as well as animals; they have tested dangerous pesticides, DDT, toxins, and other dangerous chemicals used in industrial developement or sprayed over our farms, into our food and drinking water; many of these are carcinogens. HLS makes money by testing the products "safe" even if they are not, because they will test any product for any company as long as they get paid for it. Continued approval of a customer's products (no matter how unsafe) means more business, so dangeous products are tested safe and they wind up killing people.[/i]<br><br>http://www.InsideHLS.com<br><br>http://www.AnimalDefense.info<br><br>I'm sure you live near an HLS customer, click here to find out who and where they are:http://www.shacamerica.net/customercampaign_usa.htm<br><br>Anyone in the Long Island Area?<br><br>Protest at Forest Labs 11/12/04 @ 3:30pm<br><br>(please forward freely)<br><br>Protest Outside of Forest Labs - Commack<br>This Friday November 12th 3:30pm-5pm<br>500 Commack Road, Commack Long Island - New York<br>(directions posted below)<br><br>Activists will be protesting at 3:30pm this Friday outside the Forest Labs<br>Commack Facility. Huntingdon "Life" Sciences is the antithisis of the word<br>life, as each day 500 animals are killed to test products like household<br>cleaners and pesticides. Compassionate folks from all across the island<br>demanded that Forest Labs not outsource their drug studies to such a vile<br>lab and yet they have still ignored their pleas.<br><br>A 9 month long campaign against has seen key Forest Players quit,<br>employees snitch on their bosses, and security tightened all across the<br>board. It's time for Forest take the moral and financially sound high<br>ground and dump HLS!<br><br>Meet Friday November 12th at 3:30pm SHARP in front of Forest Labs!<br><br>Forest is Located at 500 Commack Road<br>Commack, Long Island - New York<br>1/4 mile north of the Commack Road Exit<br>off of the Northern State Parkway.<br><br><br>**mapquest directions**<br><br>-- <br>Animal Defense League<br>PO Box 1587<br>Huntington, NY 11743<br>ADL@riseup.net<br><br><br><br>