I think this is a very interesting series. An Iraqi blogger takes a trip to Washington D.C. and writes about it. Nothing special, but nicely written. <br><br>Here's a snippet, but its many pages long:<br><br>Later ... I wait for five minutes outside the gates of the National Defence university, but not a single cab drives by. I decide to walk. Bad decision. Apparently, the university is located very close to what is probably Washington's Sadr City. I realise I have all the wrong instincts, I do not know what the bad or good signs are - it just looks very poor and, just like in Sadr City, lots of men who seem to have nothing to do stand at street corners.<br><br>I remember having an argument with a taxi driver in Baghdad some time ago. He was totally convinced that there is no such thing as a poor American - they were all rich. Come take a look at this, habibi. It gets worse, Allah decides to drain his swimming pool and it starts raining. I realise I have forgotten the piece of paper with the address for my next appointment. I pray David Kay is not the punctual type.<br><br>