"Bill O'Reilly's sex-harassment scandal has brightened at least one guy's day. "I'd be lying if I didn't say it brings a smile to my face," Ludacris tells allhiphop.com. Two years ago, O'Reilly condemned the rapper for promoting "a life of guns, violence, drugs and disrespect of women," prompting Pepsi to yank its deal with the hip-hopper ..." (source)<br><br>It's always stupid when some television blowhard thinks it his duty to enforce their cultural views on other peoples' careers. In this case, Ludacris got pooched out of a deal with Pepsi. The irony of the whole situation is that all of Ludacris's endorsement money was slated to go into a youth foundation. Instead, the deal went to the Osbournes, which probably bought them another summer home or made Jack's drug habit that much more excessive.<br><br>I'm glad, however small, Ludacris gets the last laugh here.<br><br>-- Charlie Alpha Roger Yankee Whiskey<br>
-- Cee Bee Double-U