WERE THEY PLAYING PADDY-CAKE DURING INTERROGATION?<br><br>Jordan Indicts Al-Zarqawi<br><br>Azmi al-Jayousi (search), the alleged mastermind of the cell who was captured in April, has confessed to military prosecutors the group was planning a chemical attack, the officials said.<br><br>The military court is expected to grant a 10-day grace period this week for the four fugitives to surrender — a process which precedes the opening of the trial. In Jordan, charges become formal when read aloud at the opening of the trial.<br><br>The charges on seven counts include conspiring to commit terror attacks in Jordan, possessing and manufacturing explosive material and affiliation with a banned group, the officials said.<br><br>The group in question has been identified as Kata'eb al-Tawhid, Arabic for the Battalions of Monotheism, a previously unknown cell said to be linked to Al Qaeda (search).<br><br>If convicted on all counts, the defendants could be sentenced to death.<br><br><br><br>got to let your eyes adjust
got to let your eyes adjust