From Amnesty International: <br><br>Help Free Aster Yohannes, Prisoner of Conscience<br><br>Hundreds of peaceful opponents of the Eritrean government are currently being detained illegally by authorities in their country. Torture, including beatings and other forms of ill-treatment, is widespread.<br><br>Prisoner of conscience Aster Yohannes is being held at an unknown location and may be at risk of torture or ill-treatment. She is the wife of prisoner of conscience Petros Solomon. Amnesty International believes that she has been detained solely because of her husband's outspoken, peaceful opposition to the Eritrean government.<br><br>Security personnel at the Asmara international airport detained Yohannes last December when she returned to her country to be with her children after a three-year period studying in the US.<br><br>The Eritrean authorities have given no reason for her arrest or said where she is being held. She has not been permitted to see her family. Amnesty International fears she could be subjected to torture or ill-treatment, held in secret and detained for an indefinite period without charge or trial.<br><br>We need your help. Contact your Member of Congress today and ask him or her to call on the Eritrean government to release Aster Yohannes immediately.<br><br> ACT NOW<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>