Here's the reality (from[color:blue]When President Bush patted himself on the back last night for "busting" the "A.Q. Khan network," many of the 55 million Americans watching -- most of whom probably never heard of Mr. Khan -- probably thought that sounded pretty darn good. But who is this A. Q. Khan, and has his network been "brought to justice," as Bush claimed? Hardly.<br><br>Abdul Qadeer Khan, also known as the father of Pakistan's nuclear program, was pardoned by Pervez Musharraf after admitting he gave nuclear technology to other countries, including North Korea and Iran. Bush, who said last night that nuclear proliferation "in the hands of a terrorist" enemy was the greatest threat to our national security supported the pardon of A.Q. Khan, even though he admittedly proliferated nuclear technology right into the hands of the last two nations standing in Bush's Axis of Evil.<br><br>Not only has Khan been pardoned, the Washington Post reports that "not a single person involved in his network has been prosecuted anywhere." And just today, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency complained to the BBC that Pakistan won't even let the UN watchdog agency interview Khan.</font color=blue><br><br>Now, I wonder if the pardon was granted in the afternoon or the evening?<br><br>
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