Today on CSPAN they had a review of the commercials slinging too and fro from the 2 party system etc. 35 people were then interviewd on what they thought classroom style via USA Today reps and cameras, 2way mirror the WHOLE physcological nine baby. I taped it for the future to see...<br>incase things go awry once again. I could say "I told ya so".<br><br>They then had a review of the 'styles' from each candidate.<br>Bush, surely enough, looked out of his noggin' evangelical style<br>and spoke of charging 14 year olds, that can't even drive yet, as adults for crimes... drugs I'm guessing... like his cocaine alchohol binges back when he was what? 32? 28? Guess all through his teenage years of leisure and drug abuse, which lead to a brain reprogramming from 'god'... as if that helped those sorry eyes. I know sorry eyes when I see them, he's just a sh!t talking shell of a man. I only see weakness in those eyes. It enrages me that he'd even try to level with humankind anymore.<br>.<br>-----------><br>tgd rant:<br><br>Speak up to all if you know what is up<br>the rebloodlican and democrip corporate entity has set us up<br>some sh!t's gone so wrong they had to compress the devil into pills<br><br>CSPAN OR BUST, tape whatever was on today's schedule<br>it's an earopening human expriment of utmost proportions<br><br>and that's that<br><br>[color:red]!sevaS trA</font color=red>