Bush's service in the Air National Guard: Irrelevant<br><br>It just doesn't matter anymore. Sure, it's pretty annoying little fact in light of the current war in Iraq, but that's all it is. It just doesn't have any bearing on what is going on right now.<br><br>Bush's cocaine habit: Relevant, bordering on Irrelevant<br><br>Bush's refusal to answer any questions about his past with drugs was not relevant until he decided to deny students financial aid if they did the same thing on the FAFSA. Hell if someone can become president with a shady past with substances, what's keeping a student from excelling in college? <br><br>Bush family ties with Saudi Arabia: Relevant<br><br>You better believe this is important. It's well known that Saudi Arabia had a past in funding radical Islamic sects all over the Middle East prior to September 11th. Along with the questions raised by former Administration officials about the treatment of Saudi nationals and the Saudi Princes near admission that the government would manipulate gas prices around the US elections, it's about time someone asks some very serious questions about the Bush's relationship with the kingdom. (Hey Jim Lehrer, this would make one hell of an explosive interview question.)<br><br>Bush's deals with Harken Energy: Relevant<br><br>Bush violated the very same laws that Enron did when he took the golden parachute out of his energy exploration corporation. When he was asked about it, he took the Kenneth Lay approach and said that it was all too complicated, or handled by other people. What does that mean? You can break financial laws all you want as long as you find other people to do it on your behalf? How can the American people expect Bush to enforce the laws that he himself treats as such a trivial manner?<br><br>Iran/Contra: Relevant<br><br>This has little to do with Bush himself, but his cabinet contains several appointees from the Reagan era, some of whom (Poindexter) were actually convicted in a court of law. Bush has not only paid these people with cozy positions in the White House, but is also holding back the Reagan documents from the American people, who are supposed to trust these people. It seems awfully suspicious that Bush is both promoting a bunch of crooks and convicts and simultaneously hiding their laundry.<br><br>-- Charlie Alpha Roger Yankee Whiskey<br>
-- Cee Bee Double-U