WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Secretary of State Colin Powell on Sunday said anti-American sentiment in the Muslim world had increased and the insurgency in Iraq was worsening, but the United States was taking action to improve security ahead of elections. We all saw what they did in Florida, well the citizens that cared to look into the BS cheating etc.<br><br>Afghanistan and Iraq, where U.S.-led military forces toppled the former leadership, both plan to hold elections in the next several months.<br><br>"We have seen an increase in anti-Americanism in the Muslim world ... I'm not denying this," Powell said on ABC's "This Week" program. AND THIS IS NEW NEWS? (I knew Powell was some blackmailed pawn from the Iran/Contra days where hostages were Bush Inc's ace in the election hole over Carter but and he's a great condom advocate to the angst of his fellow GOPsters... but come on now, it does not get anymore dull and lame IMHO.)<br><br>"But I think that that will be overcome in due course because what the Muslim world will see as well as the rest of the world is that in Afghanistan 10 million people who have registered to vote will vote on the ninth of October and bring in place a freely elected president, and I think we're going to do the same thing in Iraq if we stay the course, if we defeat this insurgency," Powell said.<br><br>Iraq plans to hold elections in January, but U.S. officials warn that insurgents will aim violence at preventing voting, including shooting at polling places.<br><br>"We are fighting an intense insurgency," Powell said. "Yes it's getting worse and the reason it's getting worse is that they are determined to disrupt the election."<br><br>"And because it's getting worse we will have to increase our efforts to defeat it, not walk away and [color:red]pray and hope</font color=red> for something else to happen," Powell said.<br><br>His comments were less optimistic than those of President Bush, who as recently as last Thursday insisted Iraq was moving slowly toward better days. Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry says Bush is refusing to accept the reality of the situation.<br><br>U.S. forces have launched a military offensive on areas considered strongholds of insurgents and foreign fighters. Over the weekend, the U.S. military conducted several air strikes on Falluja aimed at militants loyal to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the most wanted man in Iraq.<br><br>"There is a military offensive under way now, you can see the aggressive action we've been taking in Falluja lately, there is a political and military offensive under way to take back Samarra," Powell said on CNN's "Late Edition."<br><br>"What we're going to do over the next several months is to go into these areas and bring them back under government control," Powell said. "Now it remains to be seen how successful we will be, but right now we are moving to have elections at the end of January of 2005." <br><br>-------------------?<br>Ah, the sound of bad math (ya know like Microshaft/Bush/Dell/Russian or any kinda flag waving mob lifers etc.).<br>Unfortunate for the families that have suffered,<br>here and abroad, no sides mentioned.<br><br>HUMAN RIGHTS OR BUST FOOLS!<br><br>[color:red]!sevaS trA</font color=red>