Just found this (from Digital Bits) on how to manually access the different menu themes:<br><br>Each movie disc has a set of 3 different animated menu schemes, patterned around the major worlds visited in each film. The different menu sets are randomly accessed when you boot up the disc. However, it is possible to directly access each scheme individually with the use of special codes. During the Attention warning screen on each movie disc, try entering the following codes with your remote:<br><br>Code 1 - "Audio"<br>Code 2 - "2"<br>Code 3 - "10+", "2" (or "12" depending on your player), then "2" again<br><br>Each of these should allow you to access a different specific menu scheme on the movie discs.<br><br>Easter Egg on Bonus Disc:<br>To access a Star Wars Trilogy gag reel, go to the Video Game & Still Galleries menu page. Using your remote, press "10+", "1" (or "11" depending on your player) and wait for the pause as the player accepts the input (note that a small box next to R2-D2 will illuminate if you're on the right track). Then press "3" and wait for the pause. Finally, press "8". (Gee, that was simple.)<br><br>Cool crap!<br><br>