From Washington DC's finest poet, activist and wise soul-<br><br>when the clock strikes me<br>the big hand will realize the grandeur<br>of its illusion<br>and will begin to shrink<br>in its own eyes<br>while the little hand<br>marvels at the ball of energy<br>spinning from its palm<br><br>when the clock strikes me<br>everything will stop<br>and that which was nothing<br>will become the beginning again<br><br>when the clock strikes me<br>numbers will backfire<br>symbols will become<br>that which they symbolize<br>and sayings like “out of the blue”<br>will reveal their hidden origin<br><br>when the clock strikes me<br>people will gather to deconstruct<br>the myths and fables<br>that conspired against them<br>and every new song <br>will be an antivirus<br>for an old belief<br><br>when the clock strikes me<br>women will close their doors<br>jump, dance, and bang the walls<br>in remembrance of their future selves<br>while men fight internally<br>to recall the recipe for freedom<br><br>when the clock strikes me<br>men will recall the recipe for freedom<br>and will begin to form<br>rescue teams for dreams deferred<br><br>when the clock strikes me<br>some people will have to die<br><br>when the clock strikes me<br>children will find it cool<br>to be playful<br>and adults will find it worthwhile<br>to play like children<br><br>when the clock strikes me<br>the story of jesus<br>will simply be told as a children’s story<br>where his name will be replaced <br>with the name of every newborn<br> and families will celebrate every birth<br>as the rebirth of the messiah<br>and all people will think of all people<br>as chosen<br><br>when the clock strikes me<br>buddha will still be laughing<br><br>when the clock strikes me<br>the powers of being<br>will prevail<br>over the powers that be<br><br>when the clock strikes me<br>thugs and poets will laugh at themselves<br>businessmen will serve humanity<br>world leaders will turn to their mothers for advice<br>and mothers will turn<br>to their daughters<br>for inspiration<br><br>when the clock strikes me<br>something will be different<br>something will feel completely random<br>the moment will feel slightly eerie<br>the unexpected will change places <br>with the predictable<br>and life will truly feel like an adventure<br><br>when the clock strikes me<br>no alarm will sound<br>green streaks of light may mark the night<br>stray cats may purr <br>and rub themselves against your ankle<br>many people will double blink <br>and pinch themselves<br>and those who normally don’t <br>will notice the moon in broad daylight<br><br>when the clock strikes me<br>it will strike you too<br>and even your cynicism<br>and concrete analysis<br>will be brought into question<br>as the most beautiful stranger<br>makes herself/himself known to you<br><br>when the clock strikes me<br>your loved ones<br>will glow with the beauty<br>of complete strangers<br>and you will have to<br>reintroduce yourself to your parents<br>for they will have never met <br>the side of you that dances <br>just because you found an old recipe<br><br>when the clock strikes me<br>you will be sitting someplace<br>alone or with another<br>reading this<br>and we will both<br>go off unexpectedly<br>spines will tingle<br>eyes will water<br>and this moment<br>on this plane<br>in my favorite jeans<br>with jimi blaring in my ears<br>will become NOW<br>and FOREVERMORE<br>and more eyes will water<br>for they will know<br>and they will feel it<br>and live it<br>and they will turn<br>to the stranger beside them<br>and say “you have to read this”<br>and this will go down in history<br>as one of those moments<br>when you knew<br>that nothing would ever<br>be the same<br><br>Saul Williams new self titled album in stores NOW<br>Visit to find out more about the album and the latest tour dates.<br><br>[color:red]!sevaS trA</font color=red>