A powerful senator dies after a prolonged illness. His soul arrives in <br>heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance. <br>"Welcome to Heaven," says St. Peter. "Before you settle in, it seems there<br>is a problem. We seldom see a high official around these parts, you see, so <br>we're not sure what to do with you." <br> "No problem, just let me in," says the guy. <br> "Well, I'd like to but I have orders from higher up. What we'll do is have<br><br>you spend one day in Hell and one in Heaven. Then you can choose where to <br>spend eternity." <br> "Really, I've made up my mind. I want to be in Heaven," says the senator. <br> "I'm sorry but we have our rules." <br>And with that, St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down,<br>down, down to Hell. The doors open and he finds himself in the middle of a green <br>golf course. In the distance is a club and standing in front of it are all<br>his friends and other politicians who had worked with him, everyone is very <br>happy and in evening attire. They run to greet him, hug him, and reminisce<br>about the good times they had. They play a friendly game of golf and then dine<br>on lobster and caviar. Also present is the Devil, who really is a very<br>friendly guy who has a good time dancing and telling jokes. They are having such<br>a good time that, before he realizes it, it is time to go. Everyone gives him<br>a big hug and waves while the elevator rises. <br>The elevator goes up, up, up and the door reopens on Heaven where St. Peter <br>is waiting for him. <br>"Now it's time to visit Heaven." <br>So 24 hours pass with the head of state joining a group of contented souls <br>moving from cloud to cloud, playing the harp and singing. They have a good <br>time and, before he realizes it, the 24 hours have gone by and St. Peter<br>returns. <br>"Well then, you've spent a day in Hell and another in Heaven. Now choose<br>your eternity." <br>He reflects for a minute, then the senator answers, "Well, I would never <br>have said it, I mean Heaven has been delightful, but I think I would be<br>better off in Hell." <br>So St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to <br>Hell. Now the doors of the elevator open and he is in the middle of a<br>barren land covered with waste and garbage. He sees all his friends, dressed in<br>rags, picking up the trash and putting it in black bags. The Devil comes over to<br>him and lays his arm on his neck. <br> "I don't understand," stammers the senator. "Yesterday I was here and there<br><br>was a golf course and club and we ate lobster and caviar and danced and had<br>a great time. Now all there is, is a wasteland full of garbage and my friends <br>look miserable. <br> The Devil looks at him, smiles and says, <br>"Yesterday we were campaigning...Today you voted for us!" <br><br>[color:purple]We're building up or tearing down In everything we do;<br>Are you on the construction gang Or on the wrecking crew? - Anon</font color=purple>
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain!