Blurry on the computer monitor is an artifact I've noticed on my computer too. Sometimes it even gets worse as you work with iMovie - i think it's something to do with the quartz rendering.<br><br>Instead of going to DVD (and popping $5 a blank) try exporting back to a DV camera and play it on the TV, or if you don't have a DV camcorder burn a video CD with toast. You might like the quality on the TV that your stills are producing. If you don't have a DV camcorder, post a sample on your iDisk and I would be happy to give it a quick look.<br><br>If I recall the thread you were complaining about crappiness in the picture. Perhaps I should have asked how crappy these pics are. Photoshop resizing has better quality than iMovie, but that is really up to the user to decide. But I live in the Broadcast TV world where image quality is very picky. You might be pleased with the final output, which is usually better than what you see on the screen.<br><br>[color:red]live free or die</font color=red>