I stop at a Starbucks on the way into work. After giving my order I wander over to the pick-up window. Next to me is a newspaper stand and there on the front page of the Times is a picture from the bombing of the bus from yesterday.<br><br>The picture shows a dead young girl, hanging out of a window of the bus with a trail of blood running down the side of the bus.<br><br>The only reason those heartless bastards at the Times put that picture there was to sell papers; to make money on that young girls death. <br><br>It's one thing to report the naked truth, and that's fine. I don't believe we should be shielded from that, but I six year old is living in a world of PowerPuff Girls and the Easter Bunny and she sure as heck shouldn't have to see that. The Times could have put that picture on the second page, but they didn't. Why? Not because it's too important of a story, no, because of money. <br><br>Adding to my 'suck' list, and moving up a notch: L.A.Times<br><br>