not a studio CD, but anyway... new Pearl Jam CD<br><br>June 15, 2004<br>For Immediate Release:<br><br>Pearl Jam To Release<br>“Live At Benaroya Hall October 22nd 2003”<br>First-Ever Full Length Acoustic Performance<br><br>Album To Be Released At Retail July 27th<br><br>Pre-Orders Available at Beginning June 21 With Band Poster for $13<br><br>Seattle - Twelve years ago, Pearl Jam performed a rare acoustic show for MTV as part of the “Unplugged” series. Although the performance was never officially released, it continues to be one of the band's most bootlegged shows. On July 27th, 2004, Pearl Jam fans can satiate their acoustic appetites with the band's first ever full-length, mostly acoustic live show on a double disc CD entitled “Live at Benaroya Hall October 22, 2003.”<br><br>”Live at Benaroya Hall October 22, 2003” will feature the band's 2+ hour, sold-out performance on October 22, 2003 at the intimate 2,500-seat venue which marked the first live performance of Pearl Jam’s Golden Globe nominated song “Man of the Hour” as well as acoustic covers of Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War”, the Ramones’ “I Believe in Miracles” and Johnny Cash’s “25 Minutes to Go.” The full set list from the evening follows:<br><br>Disc 1<br><br> 1. ofthegirl<br> 2. low light<br> 3. thumbing my way<br> 4. thin air<br> 5. fatal<br> 6. nothing as it seems<br> 7. man of the hour<br> 8. immortality<br> 9. off he goes<br> 10. around the bend<br> 11. i believe in miracles<br> 12. sleight of hand<br> 13. all or none<br> 14. lukin <br><br> Disc 2<br><br> 1. parting ways<br> 2. down<br> 3. can't keep<br> 4. dead man<br> 5. masters of war<br> 6. black<br> 7. crazy mary<br> 8. 25 minutes to go<br> 9. daughter<br> 10. yellow ledbetter <br><br><br>Pre-orders for the CD will be available at beginning June 21 for $13USD. Only CDs ordered through the Pearl Jam Ten Club will include a special poster featuring a photo of the band taken at the Benaroya show by renowned photographer Charles Peterson. A special limited edition vinyl box set will also be available through the band's website only and will also include the poster.<br><br>The Benaroya Hall show was a benefit for YouthCare, a non profit organization providing a range of comprehensive services for Seattle's homeless and at-risk youth for the past 30 years. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the CD will also benefit YouthCare. For more information on YouthCare, please visit:<br><br>“This was one of those special shows, but because it was not part of the 2003 tour bootleg series and fans were asking for it, and because of the unique nature of the performance itself– it being the band's first full length acoustic show- it felt like a show we should give fans the chance to own,” said band manager Kelly Curtis.<br><br>Reviews from the Benaroya show were glowing:<br><br>“…the concert brought especially stirring performances from Vedder and guitarist McCready, who received several ovations.”<br><br>-Gene Stout, Seattle Post Intelligencer.<br><br>“With or without juice, Pearl Jam puts on an electrifying show.”<br><br>“The encore provided some of the finest moments of the evening, from a bone-tingling version of Victoria Williams “Crazy Mary,” … to the plaintive and plainly beautifully “Black.” For the latter, Vedder turned the mike toward the audience, and with some 2,500 people singing along, it was dramatic and moving.<br><br>-Tina Potterf, The Seattle Times<br><br>“Things didn't quite go as advertised: McCready and Ament plugged in for a few select numbers, and [Boom] Gaspar's organ was juiced throughout. That's not to mention the full-blown, electric delivery on the night's feel good finale, “Yellow Ledbetter.”<br><br>“[Vedder's] solo delivery of 'Dead Man' was one of the nights highlights, promptly topped, upon the band's return, with a chilling delivery of Dylan's war protest song [Masters of War].”<br><br>-Ernest Jasmine, Morning News Tribune<br><br><br><br>%-) <--- me?
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