Here is an opportunity to take part in a real Native American Ceremony and learn history as seen from the Native Americans eyes:<br><br>Battle of the Neches Memorial Ceremony To Be Held In<br>Texas<br><br>The American Indian Cultural Society of Texas, invites you to "COME, BE<br>A PART OF HISTORY" at the annual "Battle Of The Neches" Memorial<br>Ceremony.<br><br>On this LAND, which is located near Tyler, Texas, the Texas Cherokee and<br>13 associated Indian tribal bands, under the leadership of Chief John<br>'Duwa'li' Bowles, Chief Big Mush and six other tribal chiefs, were slain<br>July 16, 1839. This massacre by the Republic of Texas Militia, under the<br>direction of President Mirabeau Lamar, took the lives of many innocent<br>men, women and children along with the burning of a Delaware village.<br>Other associated Indian tribal bands caught in the carnage were the<br>Cherokee, Shawnee, Delaware, Kickapoo, Quapaw, Choctaw, Biloxi, Ioni,<br>Alabama, Coushatta, Caddo of the Neches, Tahocullake, Mataquo and<br>possibly other groups.<br><br>Many people now and forever consider this LAND sacred ground. The<br>spirits of the men, women and children slain here can still be felt.<br>Their BLOOD and TEARS forever stain THE LAND.<br><br>Honored Speaker will be Chief Chad Corntassel Smith, Principal Chief of<br>the Cherokee Nation. This will be the second year Chief Smith and his<br>wife, Mrs. Bobbie Smith, have honored us with their presence making this<br>a truly historic event. Along with them this year they will bring<br>members of the Cherokee Nation Youth Choir to bless this Land with their<br>singing. Master of Ceremonies: Eagle I ˆ American Indian Cultural<br>Society, Inc. Chairman. Ceremonial Leader: Danny Hair ˆ NAICAT<br>Chairman & honorary AICS member Other dignitaries have been invited to<br>speak. ˆ Bring lawn chairs ˆ camping over night is permitted with<br>prior reservation.<br><br>DIRECTIONS: From Dallas (about 85 mi. to the land) go east on I-20<br>toward Canton. Take the Canton exit (Hwy 19) off I-20, turn right at the<br>stop sign go to Hwy 64, take Hwy 64 east. Proceed on Hwy 64 through<br>Canton, Ben Wheeler and Midway to Redland (no town just a sign) this is<br>about 25 miles, watch for large sign on right depicting historical area.<br>Turn north (left) onto Van Zandt CR 4923 (2.4 mi) to the LAND watch for<br>the signs.<br>  From Tyler the LAND is about 12 miles west on Hwy 64, turn north<br>(right) onto Van Zandt CR 4923 (2.4 mi) to the site.<br><br>The ACIS has assumed the personal responsibility of preserving and<br>maintaining this sacred ground. Helping to preserve it as a Memorial and<br>Sanctuary for ALL who wish to HONOR and RESPECT the ancient culture of<br>traditions, customs and beliefs of ALL AMERICAN INDIAN PEOPLE. COME BE A<br>PART OF TRADITION<br><br>For more information contact the American Indian Cultural Society, Inc.<br>of<br>Texas, P.O. Box 1884, DeSoto Texas 75123<br>Phone (972) 494-7044  <br>24 Hr. Fax (214) 333-1944<br>or email or<br><br><br> " Their voices shall never be silent, we walk with the ancestral<br>spirits".<br><br><br><br>