Don't know if anyone is interested, but I just got this email and thought I'd share:<br><br>[color:blue]OSXFAQ invites you to The University of Central Florida Apple Certified ASCA<br>Courses<br><br>I am always looking for DEALS and GREAT events for my listeners, well I have<br>for a GREAT one for you :-)<br><br>Save some $$ and become a Apple Certified System Administrator GEEK !!<br><br>The University of Central Florida offers large discount on Apple training<br>and hardware.<br><br>The University of Central Florida will be hosting two Apple Certified ASCA<br>courses in June on their campus in Orlando, Florida.<br><br>While the regular cost of these courses is $2625, the courses held at UCF<br>are $1969 each. What makes these courses even more attractive, is that<br>hardware can be purchased at a discount, along with the course.<br><br>The first course is entitled "System Administration of Mac OS X Client" and<br>runs for 5 days, from June 7-11. You can pay $3,469 for the course and<br>receive a brand new 1.33GHz PowerBook with 256 MB of RAM, 60G Hard disk,<br>SuperDrive, and AirPort Extreme card in addition to attending the course!<br>This is a huge discount on both the course and the PowerBook.<br><br>The second course is entitled "System Administration of Mac OS X Server" and<br>runs for 5 days from June 21-25. This is the one of the first times this<br>course will be offered anywhere outside of an Apple Market Center.<br>You can pay $4,608 for the course and receive a brand new G5 2GHz Xserve<br>with 512 MB of RAM, 2 80GB hard disks, and an unlimited client license for<br>Mac OS X Server. An excellent discount on both the course and the Xserve and<br>perfect for those who wish to get hardware on their organizations training<br>PO.<br><br>After taking these two courses and passing their respective exams, you will<br>hold the title of Apple Certified System Administrator.<br><br>Hotels around UCF routinely offer free high speed access and rates around<br>$75-110 a night.<br><br>For more information about the course outlines, please contact Tim David at<br><br><br>Attendance is very limited and taken on a first come, first serve basis. To<br>attend the course, please call David Palaniuk at (408) 974-3071.</font color=blue><br><br>
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