Link to story<br><br>From the BBC:<br><br><br>German man wants state-paid sex<br> <br> <br>The man's claim amounted to more than $3,000 a month <br>A German court has rejected a claim from an unemployed man who wanted the state to provide him with pornographic material and free visits to a brothel. <br>The 35-year-old man took his local authority to court after the foreign ministry refused to pay an airfare for his Thai wife to travel to Germany. <br><br>He argued that they should compensate him for his lack of sex. <br><br>But the court in the southern town of Ansbach said such activities should be paid out of his welfare benefits. <br><br><br>A court spokesman said the man was planning to appeal. <br><br>Unfulfilled needs <br><br>The unnamed man argued that, as his wife lived in Thailand, the local authority had to compensate him for his "considerable sexual needs". <br><br>The 2,500-euro claim (1,700, $3,050) a month was to fund weekly brothel trips, eight pornographic videos and transport costs to and from a video store. <br><br>"I require the brothel visits for my physical and psychological wellbeing," the man said in his application. <br><br>But the court said social security benefits already covered "everyday requirements". <br><br><br><br><br><br>I'll be back