So two games so far, and we're undefeated. Last week it was 4-0, this week 3-2. We were definitely not playing well this week. One of our first line fullbacks was sick and played not up to his usual self. It was also raining, and so a lot of slipping and sliding. One of the goals against us was a free gift. The other one was definitely earned.<br><br>The reason I got hornswoggled into doing the assistant coaching is because we have 7 or 8 kids whose English is pretty shaky, and I'm there really to translate into Spanish for them. It sort of works. One thing that's definitely obvious is that the Hispanic kids are much more passionate about every single aspect of the game. When they do something good, they're in 7th heaven. When they screw up, they're in complete despair. They're always wanting to do more. The non-hispanic kids are more laid back about it all.<br><br>It's very neat to see them all working together, though. The half of the team that's plain American gets along great with the half that's hyphenated American. So far we haven't come across any blatant ethnic baiting, although we did last year at our last tournament in the Fall. Bunch of yahoo parents--the kids on the opposite team were actually embarassed by what their parents were saying.<br><br>Anyway, we may go undefeated, we've got that much talent on the team. Now, if they'd only pay attention to the coaches . . .<br><br>Great wits are sure to madness near allied.--John Dryden, "Absalom and Achitophel"
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