mmhh, I was reviewing ilife site and I come up with a wanted xcode feature....<br><br>this will be great in xcode, so you can have a look of the functions, files written and read, links to GUI and back, subroutines and so on in a graphical way or as a flow diagram.. well I get the idea from idvd and sgi tools... I'm going to write a feedback to apple....<br><br>...also, as I posted sometime ago, code folding, like the guys at kde..... <br><br>idvd has this feature:<br> Branching from the Main Menu<br>There’s your main menu. And Map View makes clear that your main menu contains a movie, a slideshow and a link to a submenu with even more goodies. Want to take a look at that movie? Simple. Just double-click, and iDVD plays it for you. Like to modify the order of the slides appearing in the slideshow? Double-click the icon for the slideshow, and iDVD opens the slideshow editor. Particularly useful with complex projects, Map View makes it easy for you to scroll vertically and horizontally through the menus and submenus and see where you’ve placed all your creative assets.<br><br><br><br><br><br>%-) <--- me?

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