Well if you consider monthy prison riots a bad thing...<br><br>This blew me away todayllllll<br><br>Brazil Mayor Bars Gays from Moving to Town<br>Wed December 3, 2003 12:40 PM ET<br><br>RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) - A Brazilian mayor has issued a decree barring homosexuals from moving to his town, angering gay rights activists who on Wednesday labeled the act as "neo-Nazi."<br><br>The document signed by Mayor Elcio Berti on Tuesday bans homosexuals, or "any element linked to this class," from taking up residence and staying permanently in Bocaiuva do Sul in southern Parana state "if that does not bring any kind of benefits" for the town.<br><br>"This municipality is fighting to support social projects and needs to bring in industries, for which people with strong fists (underlined) are needed to operate production tools," the decree said, citing the need to push up birthrates and "preserve respect and family atmosphere."<br><br>The mayor was not available for comment.<br><br>Allan Johan, project coordinator at the Dignity gay rights group in Parana, called the text "neo-Nazi" and unconstitutional and said the group would file a court appeal on Wednesday to have it overturned.<br><br>"The decree effectively banishes homosexuals from the town, makes clear that they are useless and thus not welcome," Johan told Reuters, adding a protest demonstration was scheduled in Bocaiuva do Sul on Thursday.<br><br>Berti grabbed headlines in the past with measures such as the free distribution of anti-impotence drugs and a ban on the sale of condoms and cigarettes in a move to boost the town's population of 10,000. He also once proposed building a UFO-port to receive aliens.<br><br>The decree came just a week after a judge in the same state ruled a homosexual Englishman could stay in Brazil even though his visa had expired because he was in a long-term relationship with a Brazilian man.<br><br>--<br>BertiBushBertiBush I see, I see now. LOL, ugh boy.<br><br>If FBIMSNGOPCIA have trouble thinking, system have trouble digitizing, this es el problemo.