I always wonder what happened to the other app that nothing real had, beside shake... here is some info from thinksecret... (well, just rumors...nothing official from apple)<br><br><br>Sources finally confirmed that Apple has no plans to resurrect or continue development of Tremor, the non-linear HD compositing solution that was the "big brother" to Shake. Apple acquired both applications when it purchased Nothing Real in 2002. Before the buyout, Nothing Real had been developing Tremor as a possible competitor to products like Discreet's Flame and 5D's Cyborg, with the ability to manage I/O and playback of HD and film in real time. Since Discreet acquired selected assets of 5D late last year, so Flame and Cyborg and now one and the same, "Apple seems to have reconsidered its efforts in that area," one 3D industry insider told Think Secret. With Apple's Shake 3 now running on Mac OS X only, Discreet is approaching the product from two angles: Flame for Linux and the new Discreet Media Architecture, code-named Toxik.<br><br><br>info about tremor, here<br><br>cesar um cara muito chato, por que ele sempre fica barulhando.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by cesrivas on 12/02/03 11:20 PM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>
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