Elders heed the young, let them be free to coexist.<br><br>"No Americans died today, good" - my Mom<br><br>Jesus, Allah, Buddah, Machina, Dinaro, Dough and Dollars.<br><br>Diplomacy, diplomats, aristorcats, tierracrats, greens, whitecrats, blackcrats, greycrats and strays.<br><br>Of the water, by the water, in the water, from the sun, in the sun with trees only jungles to survive the burn.<br><br>She's like a filter, cleans the air, and still the audacity of the citywide SUV cavalcade emits monoxide into the pocketbooks of porkbarrell sharks hidin' in darkness<br>as we shift and breathe deeply solar in thought with wind in the wings on the wealth of oxygen/it's origin - how our water and air permeate supreme human fuel in the membrane of this globe<br>and find out about outter worlds each day, more and more<br><br>victims of culture no more<br>unite on the streets, learn from people like Jeru The Damaja<br>hip hop/hard rock/outdoor shows and gatherings/networked individuals connecting hundreds... teaching generations in time.<br><br>The truth is only elusive if we choose not to see it.