Today I installed the Apple Wireless Keyboard (Bluetooth) and the Kensington Wireless Turbo Mouse Pro (trackball). Wow! This is so great. I just eliminated the worst wires on my desktop, made it easy to change working positions, and got some great-looking devices in the process. Also, they work about like the wired versions--virtually no difference except for a slightly (very slightly) reduced resolution in the trackball, and an occasional strange behavior in the keyboard. (it starts howling at the moon and growing hair... ;^) <br><br>Actually, the keyboard seems to get interferance now and then, causing it to lose connection or something, but only briefly. It's only happened a couple of times, and did no damage, but it does happen--causing a letter to start repeating on its own until you can get it to stop. Other than that minor disturbance, it works identically to the wired keyboard. <br><br>I really didn't realize how much I hated these wires until I got rid of them. <br><br><br>Shooshie<br><br><br><br>[color:green]Pictures and things</font color=green>
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