Pearl Jam will be releasing Lost Dogs<br><br>here is more info ...<br><br><br>Here is the track list for "Lost Dogs": <br><br>Disc one:<br>"All Night" (previously unreleased)<br>"Sad" (previously unreleased)<br>"Down" (2002 B-side)<br>"In the Moonlight" (previously unreleased)<br>"Hitchhiker" (previously unreleased)<br>"Don't Gimme No Lip" (previously unreleased)<br>"Alone" (1993 B-side)<br>"Education" (previously unreleased 2000 outtake)<br>"U" (1998 B-side)<br>"Black, Red, Yellow" (1996 B-side)<br>"Leaving Here" (from 1996 "Home Alive" benefit album)<br>"Gremmie Out of Control" (from 1996 "MOM" benefit album)<br>"Whale Song" (from 1999 "MOM III" benefit album)<br>"Undone" (2002 B-side)<br>"Hold On" (previously unreleased)<br>"Yellow Ledbetter" (1992 B-side)<br><br>Disc two:<br>"Fatal" (previously unreleased 2000 outtake)<br>"Other Side" (2002 B-side)<br>"Hard To Imagine" (from 1998 "Chicago Cab" soundtrack)<br>"Footsteps" (1992 B-side)<br>"Wash" (1991 B-side)<br>"Dead Man" (1996 B-side)<br>"Strangest Tribe" (from 1999 fan-club single)<br>"Drifting" (from 1999 fan-club single)<br>"Let Me Sleep" (from 1991 fan-club single)<br>"Angel" (from 1993 fan-club single)<br>"Last Kiss" (from 1999 "No Boundaries" benefit album)<br>"Sweet Lew" (previously unreleased 2000 outtake)<br>"Dirty Frank" (1991 B-side)<br>"Brother Instrumental" (previously unreleased)<br>"Bee Girl" (previously unreleased)<br><br><br>cesar um cara muito chato, por que ele sempre fica barulhando.
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