OK, let me wrap up my trio of "Desktop Space Waster" suggestions with one that teeters somewhere between a security measure and a practical joke.<br><br>Of course this is based on several other suggestions that I have seen - I'd like to give some credit to Dave Pogue for some similar ideas (for instance the slot to add things to the Apple menu idea). I imagine this specific suggestion appears in some web page or book on practical jokes but I have not seen it yet. <br><br>Make an alias of the Shutdown command (in the Apple Menu Items folder) and give it an eye-catching name such as "Secret Stuff". Paste the icon of a word processing file (I suggest Nisus Writer - avoid any microsoft applications) onto the alias using our favorite Pretzel-I copy and paste procedure. Now leave it on your desktop and if someone is using your Mac and attempts to see what your secret stuff is - the Mac will unexpectedly shut down. Does this provide absolute security? No, but it will confuse and delay the uninitiated.<br><br>As a variation - put the icon of a hard drive on the alias, give it the name of your hard drive, and put the icon of another type of file on your hard drive. Now your hard drive masquerades as a different item and is a little more difficult to snoop in.<br><br>This does not add to the functionality of your Mac and so I hesitate to offer it, but it could confound some casual snoopers. It has helped me several times to keep the "help desk" folks from doing too much damage! Who would think that you would need to protect yourself from the help desk or that such a simple trick could stop them! This speaks volumes about how clueless many help desk people are.<br><br>