a suggestion from a long time windows user (me). Cause windows always seemed to suck at doing updates unless I did this -<br><br><br>Here is what I do for updates.<br><br>1) Close all applications and disconnect all network shares (iDisk etc.)<br>2) Reboot computer so it is fresh<br>3) Run updates with fresh launch<br><br>Now I realize some programs will always be incompatible with a new version of OS but I have yet to have a problem on any update yet using this method.<br><br>My theory is, with a fresh boot the OS will have a clear mind to do it's stuff. And it is most likely the way SQA at Apple tested the update to see if it works.<br><br>Did the iMac last night without a hitch. Going for the PB tonite.<br><br>[color:blue]Coming soon...</font color=blue>