TITLE<br>AirPort Base Station: Forgotten Your Base Station or Network Password<br><br>Article ID:<br>Created:<br>Modified:<br>50892<br>3/21/02<br>9/9/03<br><br><br><br><br>TOPIC <br><br><br><br>This article explains what to do if you have Forgotten Your Base Station or Network Password.<br><br><br>DISCUSSION <br><br><br><br>You can use the reset button on the bottom of the AirPort Base Station to reset the base station password. <br><br><br>Follow these steps: <br><br>Insert the end of a straightened paper clip into the small hole on the bottom of the base station. <br><br>Press and hold the reset button for one second. <br><br>The base station and network passwords are set to public for five minutes. <br><br>If necessary, use the AirPort application to select the network created by the base station. <br><br>If you are prompted for a password, enter public. <br><br>Open the AirPort Admin Utility (in the AirPort folder in the Apple Extras folder). <br><br>Select your base station and click Configure. <br><br>You will be prompted to enter new network and base station passwords and in certain cases enter a new IP address. <br><br><br>Note: If you do not reconfigure the base station within five minutes, you must reset it again. <br><br><br>This document contains information from the Setting up the AirPort Base Station manual. <br><br>For additional information see technical document 106602, "AirPort Base Station (Dual Ethernet): How to Reset", or technical document 58613, "AirPort Base Station (Graphite): How to Reset".<br><br><br><br>Found here--->clicky<br><br><br>My Stuff