Thanks for all of your kind thoughts - I've managed to make it through the week having sent off about 30 job applications up and down the country (once I spent a few days updating my 8-years-out-of-date resume!) so we'll see what happens...<br><br>The situation was one of not getting new large clients fast enough, thus having to waste developer time on small jobs... plus a legal wrangle with a company we *used* to be associated with that meant we didn't get paid for two large jobs we had done. It meant 4 people leaving the company; 1 person going from full- to part-time; and of the 3 directors, 2 working for half pay and 1 for free until they get back on their feet. They were pretty heartbroken about this (it's a small company and we were a great team) and I wish them all the best, but I don't think I'll be back there on a permanent basis!<br><br>