My only regular job was working in the audio visual department of a community college. I got involved with the union (against my better judgement) and found out a dirty little secret of the place: there was over a 40% turnover in staff per year. Those 40 percent tended to be the most competent, who were unhappy with the lack of advancement, low pay, and most of all, incredible level of day-to-day politicking.<br><br>I believed, and in the four years I spent there I believe I saw, that the turnover rate would slowly diminish as the competent people left and incompetent seat warmers managed to luck in. The slackers and incompetents, of course would not want to leave, in view of their limited ability to find better employment, so as the better people opted out, people of, um, limited skills and work ethic came to fill most of the seats.<br><br>I left years before budget cuts chopped many of these people away from their gravy trains, much to their surprise and dismay. No loyalty there, even to the boobs this particular institution seemed to prefer to hire.<br><br>(I must admit here that in any situation like this, there will always be some who make an effort; these poor folks do the majority of real work and tend to get chopped when the going gets tough regardless of ability.)<br><br>John<br><br>