Northgate Integra all in one computer with a 1.8Ghz to 2.2Ghz P4. 40GB-120GB HD. LCD monitor only 15". Price $1,099-$1,399. Also, $100-$200 software rebate certificate.<br><br>The Integra features either a 15- or 17-inch TFT screen. It includes a built-in sub-woofer and 5.1 channel speaker jacks as standard, comes with DVD, and CDR-W, TV and FM tuner, remote control, and DVD software. A firewire interface and four USB 2.4 ports togther with a bundle of multimedia software and built-in firewall complete the Mac-trumping specs. <br><br>Details here: <br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>