No loyalty any more. Employers expect it from their employees, of course. Moan about the lack of it in the media every once in a while. During the eighties there was great hand-wringing over how Japanese companies got fanatical loyalty from their work force.<br><br>Overlooked, of course, was the fact that the companies gave benefits in return: great medical care, free, or nearly free housing and few layoffs, even when times were difficult. Well things have changed in Japan.<br><br>And things have changed here too. Employer loyalty just doesn't exist. People get pushed out the door with little or no notice. Sometimes they are even "encouraged" to resign so that termination pay doesn't have to be given.<br><br>But when times are better, and these vultures start to hire again, they'll wonder why turnover is so high, or why they can't hire the people they want at all.<br><br>John<br><br>