listen - design is always about attention to details - just hold that lovable iPOD in your hand. every radius , material, finish, is carefully thought out by arguably one of the most talented and "tuned into their users" design team in the world. I'm so tired of people calling things "killers" that are due to come out on the merits of design. This thing you speak of is a design nightmare and it looks as if the engineers did it themselves. they should be embarrased if there objective was to copy the aesthetics of the iPOD. I know this is just one of the elements of a product (it's physical aesthetics) but I would be willing to bet that the interface is a sad piece of work as well. I will admit , as far as I am concerned, the voice recording would be a cool detail , but the design of these so called "killers" will always leave something to be desired.<br><br>djsnorkel<br><br>