First, I'll believe this when I see it - the images look like P'shop mock-ups - not even a proof-of-concept model. So when they actually produce these things and put them on the market, then I'll take a more serious look at it.<br><br>Second, if this *IS* what they're intending it to look like, they're flirting with an Apple look-and-feel lawsuit. I'd wager that the lights are burning brightt at Apple Legal on this one =)<br><br>Having said all that, it sounds like a nice feature set. I'm not sure how Mac-compatable it will be with a USB-2 port, though - even if it works with USB-1, that's gonna still be an awfully slow xfer rate... the Tuner sounds nice - the voice-activation is just a silly gimmick =)<br><br>FWIW,<br><br>***matt<br><br>