Look, I never said anything about leavingApple in that post, nor the wonders of XP and .Net(?) Is this not the place to praise as well as criticize recent Apple news?<br><br>I may have seemed dramatic because I am crazy about Apple and their products but I've seen them get pretty closed to snuffed out in the past. So, when people I actually know are seriously considering switching to another platform because of something Apple did I consider that kind of frightening. I want them to stay in business so I'll continue to have cool things to buy!<br><br>I personally don't really care about the .Mac deal because I don't need it, but apparently many others do see it as a sneaky move by Apple and it pissed them off. I'm pleased to hear it doesn't bother you, since that may be an indication that others are also going to use it...<br><br>Incidentally, I have already ordered Jaguar as well... but I have no plans to "grow up" <br><br>