Ok..quit over-dramatizing it. <br><br>First, if you don't need .Mac, don't buy it. I plan on getting it. Use the email your ISP provided if you don't get .Mac<br>If you or your friends want to leave Apple over this...go. Bye. I will never leave it...if I didn't like .Mac, I wouldn't get it, simple. I'll definately buy Jaguar...was planning on it even before they announced the prices.<br><br>What your friends fail to see is that you have a great machine that runs the best OS (in my opinion) and it's only going to get better. Sure they could have kept some kind of smaller option, say what you have now at a reduced cost. But nowhere did it say that they owed you this. Grow up, they are a corporation in the business to make money, and if they saw iTools as a money loser and wanted to capitalize it, so be it.<br><br>Switch to Windows and enjoy the wonders of XP and .NET (yeah...right!)<br><br>Meanwhile, I'll be chugging along on my G4/500 running jaguar and loving it.<br><br><br>
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