Over the past four years I have gone from occasional computer user, to mac user, to mac fanatic. Today is the first time in four years that I actually feel almost embarrassed to be a mac user.<br><br>Its not the lack of exciting new products, the lack of AAC support for iTunes3 or iPod (it just runs on the Quicktime engine, right?), or even the fact we have to shell out money for 10.2 or dotMac. Its the [b]way that they did it. It was so... un-Apple. I don't care how you explain the .Mac deal, it was bait and switch, pure and simple. I actually felt sick when I heard that it was true, and I KNOW there is a huge backlash building from inside the mac core community. Two of the 5 people I talked to about it at work actually wrote up formal letters of anger and threats to leave Apple for good! These are serious mac users! Part of what has been so fun about Apple over the past few years is that (most) of what they manufacuter and what they do just makes sense. Boy, this day sure didn't.<br><br>Ugghh, I just hope this blows over somehow... I honestly believe this was a "negative" macworld. That is, it would have been better if it had not even happened!<br><br><br><br>