Good lord man! I get home from work and there's only one post about the keynote and no replies?!?<br><br>The keynote really shows how Apple is really pushing the software to drive hardware sales, with most of the hardware refreshes relegated to non-keynote status. So far it doesn't seem to be working.<br><br>I'll probably cough up the dough for Jaguar on my 1999-vintage iMac. iTools poses a bit of a conundrum for me, though -- I have a addy but don't really use the other iTools. Still, I think I might take advantage of the $49.95 offer at least for this year.<br><br>Was surprised by the lack of a Power Mac refresh -- apparently that might be coming in Aug., I hear?<br><br>17-inch iMac looks intriguing. If I were buying now, though, I'd probably get a 15-incher with SuperDrive, though.<br><br>