I have not looked at Mac OS X that closely, but here are some things that I do in create a client/server environment.<br><br>I create a server that has a large amount of disk space. This is where I create all of the end users home directories and accounts. I am the root user (super user) on this server so i can see all of the end users data (files). I turn on NIS (network information service) and NFS (network file systems) on all the clients and the server. I export the end users home direcotries from the servers. I mount the home directories on the clients. With NIS enable on the clients the end user should be able to log in using one pass word. Then the end user will be creating there data in one spot will makes i better to manage. <br><br>I have done this on many different favors of unix, but have not done this in Mac OS X yet. Most of the environment I have worked in done allow Apple comupters on the network (you know the myth, too much nosie on the network, ya right ). <br><br>I know NFS and NIS is a part of all favors of Unix, but I don't know where to access it in Mac OS X.<br><br>
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