Thanks everyone for the input so far...I would have responded sooner, but it has been one heck of a week!<br><br>Right now, as I don't have a server, the lab is set up with a mix of OS 9 and X.2 (I have plaved a PO for a class lic. of X so that all machines will be up to date). Because of this, the OS 9 users just save to the HD and the X users logon as MMLab and save to the HD. NOT secure at all, but it works for now. <br><br>I think I would prefer for each student to have their own unique Home directory as opposed to a generic Lab_User, but how will this increase my difficulty to monitor student work? As Admin, I can't see what is in their home directory...and I need to be able to keep close reigns on a number of the students.<br><br>Or is it easier (better) to have a generic login with students doing manual saves to the server...?<br><br>While I am waiting for my OS X Server and documentation, I know little about running it. What is entailed saving the home directories on the server? Can I set a limit of size?<br><br><br><br>