Here's some advice:<br><br>WIll each student have an account? If so, you may want to get a couple of big drives and put them on the server, and have all of the users home directories hosted there. It'll make it easier to back up.<br><br>If you just plan on having a "lab_user" account, then make sure they are saving their work on the server when they are done. Maybe place aliases on their desktops to the server.<br><br>I can't stress this enough: Back up, back up, back up! Get a tape drive and back up often, and rotate the media. Use 5 or so tapes at a time, rotating them every day. Replace them after a while (I'm not sure how long), even if they still work. Do some backup *and* restore tests every so often.<br><br>Also, lock down everything! Don't let them do anything unless they require it. Test their account before you give it to them to make sure they can't change network or other hardware settings.<br> <br>If you will be giving multiple accounts (i.e. one per student), make a template account, set it up and test it, and use that to copy - it'll save a lot of time.<br><br>That's all I can think of for now. Good luck!<br><br><br>