Oh, man! This such an awesome machine. Here are just a handful of pics all I had time for today. No unpacking ceremony, and no software or peripherals hooked up yet.<br><br>First impressions: Visually stunning, and solid to the touch. Fast, of course. Quiet (almost silent), too. New mouse is ok, new keyboard is not very satisfying. Gonna get another Macally Ice tomorrow.<br><br>People kept coming in to my office to ogle and stroke it (bunch of perverts ). There's only one other Mac in the office, because all the creatives are freelance and work offsite, so all the PC weenies were curious, and they were visibly impressed. iSync blew one account exec away: he came in to ask if I had time for a quick conference call with a client. I said sure, let me just get my calendar and address book filled out. He grimaced and asked if I could do that after the call, since the client was waiting. I said, sorry, gotta do it now, and launched iSync. His jaw dropped to his ankles when in less than 3 minutes, my bookmarks, addy book and iCal were completely filled in! <br><br>So, enough jabber. Here are the pics. Sorry there aren't more.<br><br>