That's his problem. The auto boot of Classic starts before FAP is finished loading the db (which needs to happen before Classic).<br><br>DM, you have tried messing with the bootup order in the Login Items prefs pane? My guess is you tried—it looks to me that booting into classic is not part of the login items window even if it's automatic. But I think I've got you covered:<br><br>1. Go to:<br>/System/Library/CoreServices/Classic Startup<br><br>2. Open Login Items prefs pane<br>3. Drag Classic Startup into the Login Items pane at the bottom of the list<br>4. Reboot and cross you fingers to see if it works<br><br>I just tried adding it and it allowed me to do so. I just wasn't willing to reboot for ya. <br><br><pre>** sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn **</pre><p>