When discussing computer issues with some of my Windows-using friends, the topic of unix-based operating systems has come up several times. I am fully aware that OSX is built upon unix shell, and while I know next to nothing about the specifics, after I started using it I have been reading about and experiencing the benefits ever since.<br><br>During conversation at least a couple of my PC friends claim that WindowsXP is also "unix based" and that is also why IT is so stable. Now, in my opinion, using Windows of any version is about as enjoyable as oral surgery, so it goes without saying that I know next to nothing about the workings of Microsoft's wonderful new operating system. But can someone knowledgable about XP tell me if it is indeed a unix system, similar to Mac OSX?? How is it any different than Windows 2000? And if it is, why the heck don't they advertise it as such?<br><br>I suppose I might be able to find this information myself, or god forbid, really examine the workings of machine actually running the XP OS... but the horrible PAIN, you know? :)<br><br><br><br>