Actually just discovered a PHP derivative of Blosxom called PHPosxom. It was as simple as putting index.php into a directory and just fiddling with the variables within that file. Pretty freaking easy. It's not super-duper robust, but for keeping a simple journal, it's pretty cool. <br><br>At some point, I might get into moveable type as a more robust system, but I've been reading that getting the perl for it set up right can be a hassle—and that makes me turn tail and run.<br><br>Personally, I'd avoid the whole GoLive thing. If I'm going the static HTML route, I can just do it straight from BBEdit with PHP files with some includes in them. The reason I wanted a blog program was so I could just add text files to a directory (making so I could add entries from any computer anywhere with an Internet connection).<br><br><pre>** sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn **</pre><p>